What now?

Transition PDX is alive, but currently has no steering group. For the time being we are functioning as a loosely organized, horizontal network. You are welcome and encouraged to participate.

As of March 2013, Liz Bryant, Jim Newcomer and Jeanne Longley have revived a social form of TPDX monthly gatherings (see calendar for details).

The Portland Transition community has multiple means of electronic connection:

  • This WordPress site (tpdx.org): I, Becky, am willing to post information about active neighborhood groups and Transition (or Transition-related) projects small or large to this blog. Eventually, I hope to convince other TPDX community members to blog here for the purpose of spurring online discussion or just sharing (with brief commentary) thought-provoking content discovered out there on the World Wide Web… Meanwhile, if you have have feedback on the website-so-far, or suggestions for additional content, please email becky.pdx@gmail.com.
  • Transition PDX web space at The Dirt: Although somewhat out of date at the moment, I believe it’s worth maintaining this space because of the synergistic quality of The Dirt, which boasts sixteen different groups with one shared calendar. Since The Dirt also has a blog capability, we should discuss whether it makes sense to have both that web space plus this WordPress site, and what the purpose could/should be for each if we keep both.
  • Transition PDX on Facebook: This page is posted to most often by Jeremy O’Leary.
  • Transition PDX on Twitter: @TransitionPDX. Now all we need is a TPDX Tweeter! (Currently, whatever we post on Facebook is automatically Tweeted.)
  • And, of course, our listservs.



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