Portland Organizations

A sortable and searchable table of like-minded organizations in the Portland metro area.
Organization NameBrief DescriptionKeywords
BikePortland.orgThis one blog, published and edited by Jonathan Maus, leads to everything having to do with bicycling in Portland.transportation, bicycling, carbon footprint
Cascadia Hour ExchangeEstablished in 1994, CHE is a form of local currency, used in Portland, Vancouver and McMinnville, based on hours and backed up by real capital, skills, goods, and services.alternative currency, community, resilience
Cascadia Independence ProjectThe CIP is dedicated to placing the idea of Cascadia into mainstream political thought as a viable solution to contemporary problems.localization, bioregionalism
EcotrustEcotrust's mission is to inspire fresh thinking that creates economic opportunity, social equity and environmental wellbeing.sustainability, localization, food, resilience, ecology
">Friends of Portland Community GardensFriends of Portland Community Gardens supports community gardening opportunities in the Portland area.food, gardens, community
Friends of TreesFriends of Trees' mission is to bring people in the Portland-Vancouver metro area together to plant and care for city trees and green spaces.community, ecology, sustainability
GrowingGardensGrowingGardens plants seeds for good food, healthy people; digs at the roots of hunger.food, gardens, resilience
Living CityLiving City is three seasoned gardeners in the Cully Neighborhood in NE Portland working to help our community eat, garden and live more healthfully and sustainably.food, gardens, sustainability
Oregonians for Renewable Energy ProgressOREP is a sponsored project of the Alliance for Democracy.energy, renewable, solar, sustainability
Portland Peak OilA grassroots group of local citizens, from different backgrounds, with different interests, sharing a common concern about the peaking of world oil supplies.peak oil, emergency preparedness, resilience
Portland Permaculture GuildPortland Permaculture Guild is an informal group interested in learning and promoting permaculture in the Portland, Oregon area.ecology, food, gardens, sustainability
PREPOregonians Planning for Resilience and Emergency Preparednessemergency preparedness, resilience, community