Transition Sunnyside

Transition Sunnyside is currently inactive, but there are a number of serious Transition practitioners living in the Sunnyside neighborhood, some of whom can be found via the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association.


Transition Sunnyside — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, my name is Louise and I participated actively in Transition Town in Northfield MA for a number of years. Shelburne MA took it many steps further and actually did a study about how much the town could provide for its residents if there were no incoming deliveries. In Northfield we focused on sharing the home arts and building community. I would love to get connected with anyone in Sunnyside Neighborhood who is still excited about the possibilities and see if there are new avenues to try to interest others. thanks, Louise

    • Louise, this Portland Transition group is inactive, but … are you now living in Sunnyside Neighborhood? Perhaps I can help connect you with some folks over there, or maybe you have already connected, via the neighborhood association? ~Becky (former webmaster for TPDX)

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