Working Groups

Transition PDX has traditionally been organized in a way that supports the activation of special-interest or project-oriented “working groups.” Some groups are formed for ongoing study and some are formed to accomplish a task; some disband after interest wanes and some morph into something different than what was envisioned at their founding.

Criteria for Forming a Transition PDX Working Group

Meeting the criteria for Working Groups listed below will help ensure good effectiveness for the working groups operating under the Transition PDX banner.

A Transition PDX Working Group will have a clear identity with a topic appropriate to Transition PDX, with clear aims.

A Transition PDX Working Group will have a minimum of three active participants, with one person designated as the primary contact or convener. This person will be responsible for making sure the Transition PDX calendar is updated with details for meetings and events and for keeping good records of group activities and financial matters. A second, backup contact should be designated in the case of any unforeseeable events.

A Transition PDX Working Group will meet regularly (at least quarterly).

A Transition PDX Working Group will supply the group name, description and contact information to TPDX webmaster(s), as well as timely updates on their activities and planned events (including notice when it ceases to exist). (Working Group convener may, upon request, be set up with an account so that such updates can be made directly.)

A Working Group may continue in existence so long as it meets the above criteria.