Community Preparedness

The Community Preparedness Working Group’s aims are:

  • to learn together about preparing for both short-term and longer-term emergencies;
  • to spread awareness about individual household preparedness; and
  • to organize neighbors for mutual support in emergencies of any kind.

The main activities of this group have centered on implementing community education programs on preparedness. Currently, members of the Community Preparedness group are busy implementing PREP (Planning for Resilience & Emergency Preparedness), a collaborative effort between citizen volunteers, community groups, and governmental agencies in Portland, Oregon and beyond. They have culled many different approaches to community preparedness programs in the process of creating an amazing resource, which provides direction on preparing for “the long emergency” as well as for sudden catastrophic events. For more information, visit

The Community Preparedness group maintains an active listserv. To subscribe, click here.

Contact: Liz Bryant,